What is Love

What is love? One of many words used equivocally in our day to day lives. A simple word that can be interpreted in many ways, it has caused uproars within communities attempting to define the meaning and focus of it.

We experience love in a multifaceted way, from a genuine kiss from a lover to the subtle but reassuring support of a family member, it is inexplicably confusing but very much comforting, knowing that it is always there. The feelings we  experience on the day to day showcase a multitude of emotions and it’s incredible how it can be simplified into one single word, a word that is used to describe one’s affinity for pizza or puppies and yet, as it is used in a general sense, as well as in a literal context, it holds so much power, and it’s quite beautiful.

At a fashion show in China, two strangers met, Ander hailed from Spain while Kuba was from Poland, the connection was instantaneous. The topic of homosexuality is a very complex one, a conversation that has caused major debate, from religious beliefs to moral ethics, the idea of two men loving one another intimately, emotionally, and sexually, is taboo in many countries and although homosexuality in Kuba’s home country is legal, it is hardly tolerated by most. Despite the fears of persecution and intolerance that followed them, both Ander and Kuba kept meeting under these conditions, their emotions for one another further developing and blossoming; eventually the two moved to Poland and on their fourth year anniversary, a photo session took place, capturing the moments between the two and showing the love their shared for one another in a physical form, forever holding that image of compassion in a medium of art.

Going back to the question, what IS love? Love has no gender, no sexual orientation, it isn’t wrong or right, it is a word comprised of many colors, many forms expressed through the use of a single word, a powerful and impactful force that when felt makes the heaviest of feelings melt away into something so pure, so light, it feels like you’re flying. Love is the energy that moves us, just how it moved Ander and Kuba as well as many relationships throughout the world and, if for a split second, if every individual gave a little love then maybe, just maybe, this world would glow a little brighter each day and given the times we are living in, I’d say we are well on that path.

This Bitch online exclusive has been produced by ​​Photographer: Pamela Porwen | @pamela_porwen_ph​​Stylist: Joanna Opińska | @opinskajoannaModels: Jakub Trzaskowski and Ander De La Guerra | @trzachu and @ander_war