Make it Juicy


Make it Juicy

Make It Juicy

Say goodbye to dull and boring steak dinners and hello to a night filled with delicious food and unforgettable memories at COTE. Read more about this game-changing steakhouse!

Going Beyond

Discover the art of going beyond your limits with This Bitch Magazine’s latest feature – “Going Beyond.” Uncover new and exciting lifestyle tips to take your life to the next level. Read now!


Sunscreen in the Winter?

Learn why UV rays can still cause damage, sunburns, and even skin cancer despite the cold weather.

Living the Dream

Discover a newly single girl’s exciting solo winter vacation experience at South Beach in Miami.

Most Cherished

This editorial has an intimate vision of masculinity with the power of Spanish designers and the love of the savoir-faire from our country.

Dear, Mrs Roitfield

This retro-inspired editorial showcases androgynous accessories and a chic minimalist style, blending masculinity and femininity through colorful stockings.

This Bitch Magazine, What's the 411, Constantinos Varotsos, Elleana Dariva, Matthew Drakoulidis.

What’s The 411?

What’s the 411? Keeping things iconic just as our 90’s idols did in the prime of pop culture! Matthew Drakoulidis takes over Athens in this exclusive online editorial photographed by Constantinos Varotsos.

This Bitch Magazine Fashion Editorial Estate Grounds Photographed By Alain Vasallo With Model Anouk Bernard Styled by Jorge Negron and Julianna Suplicki

Estate Grounds

Get lost within the estate grounds with Anouk Bernard, photographed by Alain Vasallo. Between the overgrown fields.

Skater Girl

Revamp the classic Y2K grunge style with a modern twist in this skater girl-inspired fashion editorial, shot by Alain Vasallo.


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