This Bitch Issue 13: The Editorial Issue (Digital)


This August, all the editors of This Bitch agreed that we must take this month to highlight and celebrate creativity. It’s a concept we are anchoring all our respective issues. In a time where the world is experiencing so many challenges, the joys of witnessing the genius of a fashion designer, artist, chef, or performer, can drive us, more than ever, to a place of bliss, even if only for a brief instant. At home, closing your eyes to the rhythm of your favorite song can transport you far, far away. What about dressing up and feeling beautiful even if you are staying in; instant gratification.

This August also marks the fifth anniversary of This Bitch. As you turn each page of this issue, I hope you will feel proud and curious about the stories of success we are shining a spotlight on. 

After a year that had so many bumps in the road, I would like to conclude this letter by thanking the entire team involved in the making of This Bitch. From the people in the office and our external contributors to our advertisers who supported us even when their businesses were suffering, and, of course, our readers. You are the ultimate reason why we put so many hours of hard work into all we do. This is your magazine, so happy birthday to you, too.


“This Bitch” is brutally honest, showcasing all types of talent from writing to photography without any types of limitations, enthralling its readers with bold, poetic, and destructive content that will evoke a sense of wonder to those brave enough to accept a different view of the world of fashion, music, politics, and everyday life. The concept of “This Bitch” is to break boundaries, opening the minds of our readers to acknowledge the ideology of an adversely threatening concept to their own precepts and morals. The concept for “This Bitch” Issue 12 is a tell-tale book comprised of vibrant images, ideas, and visions.

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